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Kasper Rosa release their second EP on Field Records.

EP launch: June 11th – Spring  & Airbrake

Kaper Rosa have brought another EP to the table with the minimalistic yet epic title of ‘EP2‘. Right away KR get into what they do best, which is epic toooons! Opening track brings a high tempo which is kind of new for the guys, but it’s a step in the right direction. Sometimes a flaw in instrumental can be that the music goes beyond epic and ends up being a little boring for the listener, not here though, this shit is cooked and ready for serving. It says there are 7 tracks on the EP and there really are 7 tracks. Amongst them are some very, very special ones, ‘Team Building Exercise‘ ‘There Is No Such Joy In The Tavern (As Upon The Road There To)‘ & ‘Good Luck With David’ are all massive and instant favourites.

Throughout the EP we hear new instruments for KR which i really hope we see in the live show as they will now feel lacking something if they’re not. While listening to this i had to keep checking back to see what track i was on. I think that’s a good thing? With different melodies in single tracks i sometimes just wasn’t to sure if i was on the same song, but i think perhaps i was lost in the new world that Kasper Rosa has just created around me.

Production on the EP is really pretty damn sweet! Clark Phillips really captured the guys and what they mean. Although if i’m to be picky (i don’t want to be, but i have to be) it’s maybe a bit too clean, however it is still really sexhot. There really was a lot to take on in this project. KR can’t be an easy band to record. Getting their wall of sound, piano, cello and creating what continually gave me goose-bumps is a massive achievement.

This 7 track EP lasts longer than a lot of modern albums and to be honest it conjures up more thoughts, emotions and mental visuals than most other albums too. Lasting over 39 minutes this could easily have been an album, but the boys are confident enough in their song writing that it’s not. Loved the beginning, the end and every beat, pluck & strum in between.

Kasper Rosa just put the EP in EPIC

[rating: 9/10]

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  • Dave

    That seems ridiculously high rating for a band who are at best, very average, and at worst, awful. Are you sure you haven’t pumped this rating up because you know them? For shame.

  • Richard

    Well you just reviewed it without hearing it. What is very average? Is that above average or below average? This EP is up there with the best and will be rated with the best.

  • Dave

    Very average would be neither above nor below average ;)

    I’ve heard Kasper Rosa live recently and there is no way they are capable of a 9/10 album, especially since you rarely hand out marks like that – It’s obviously because you are acquainted with them and want to stay on the gravy train. I’m calling shenanigans and shall avoid Panic Dots reviews in future.

  • Conor

    I really enjoy their first EP, even if their influences are a bit too obvious. Review seems to imply a definite maturation and step in the right direction, pretty quickly too. Looking forward to this.

  • Richard

    So, very average is just average?
    It’s not an album Dave. It’s an EP, it’s even called EP2 so that there is no mistaking it.
    A studio release has got nothing to do with any live show that’s ever happened anywhere on earth. I am the gravy train, and you’re not gettin a ticket.

  • Richard

    Conor you’re right, last year they were The Bill, this year they are The Wire.

  • Dave

    haha so now we can add megalomaniac to partisan review! Very average is indeed just average, the use of ‘very’ was simple to enforce how average they come across to me.

    It’s fairly obvious that it is an EP, I was using album because I was referring to your general marking system.

    If you think there is no relation at all between studio releases and live shows, I don’t know what you’re doing reviewing albums at all. In saying that, there’s nothing in the review itself which suggests you know much more about music than the average 14 year old fangirl.

  • Daryl

    I’d be amazed if I heard this and thought it was a 9, but I’ll reserve judgement until (and if) I do.

  • Richard

    I’m a very average 14 year old girl. I stop talking when the name calling starts. I’m sorry that my opinion is wrong and yours is right. :[ maybe your review will be better.

  • Dave

    Poor Richard.

  • Niall

    From what ive heard, which is one song. Its a MASSIVE step up from the last ep. very impressive

  • Conor

    To break it down, Dave is speculating on an EP he has never heard and speculated that the band CAN’T have matured or developed their sound from their last effort. That they MUST be friends of the reviewer by extension, and that your musical knowledge correlates only with a 14 year should you disagree. Regardless of whether or not Richard’s review is accurate, which I hope it is as we need someone to challenge ASIWYFA in the NI post rock area, I think it’s obvious who comes across as wound up within their own opinion rather than having any base objections to make. To reduce it to a childlike term that a 14 year old may understand: you haven’t even heard it.

  • Richard

    I’d like to add that i’ve now since had a discussion on this with someone that challenged my score and i explained that this score is based on all considerations. Had Kasper Rosa been on a major label and shovelled

  • J-dawg

    Ive heard most of it, and its beyond awesome :)

  • Conor A

    After hearing the full thing I can say that this is clearly an above average local production and one of the most enjoyable I’ve heard. The production is crisp however maybe concelas come great moments in the mix, the songwriting has been thought through and there has been a great amount of effort made. Listen to the EP when it comes out before making an opinion Dave, then you can be taken seriously regardless of standpoint.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kasperrosamusic scruffygoldfish

    Being a member of Kasper Rosa, along with David Shannon… it was ourselves that openly confronted Richard on his decision to give us a 9/10 for this EP.

    But to be entirely fair… the man had a solid argument, even against us! One which a local band (while attempting to maintain face to the public) couldn’t waver.

    So thank you very much Richard, on behalf of all of us. We appreciate your opinion, and hope that the rest of you enjoy it when you get the chance to :)


  • Connor

    This comment is pretty much irregardless of the EP, which I haven’t heard so can’t pass judgement on, and I’m sure will be at least an interesting listen, but this is one of the worst reviews I’ve ever read. Incoherent at best, and greatly undermines any kind of attempt at rating this album. To rate something highly with an intelligent, eloquent description is something that would lend a lot of credibility to a review. This is a joke, to be honest it reads like it was written by someone who doesn’t speak English as their native tongue. Sorry for being overly harsh, and you can’t really help it if your language skills aren’t up to scratch, it just bothers me when someone tries to pass off their opinion as valued and important, yet can’t string coherent sentences together.

    Additionally, this is a depressingly sycophantic review, and all that blowing smoke really achieves is a bunch of egos and a lot of complacency, neither of which has a positive effect on local music, and should be greatly discouraged.

  • http://www.bluewaffle.net Johnny

    CRINGE! Kasper Rosa are shite!

  • Richard

    Hmmm.. well why don’t you go write about it on your site Connor? Oh, you don’t have one cause you’re a spastic. I’m not a writer and have many times said that i am not. My SHIT writing skills have nothing to do with this EP, why are you even talking about them? You freely admit to being OVERLY harsh, that’s like admitting to be wrong, and then continuing to be wrong. YOU ARE A FOOL. Everything that you wrote is false, so your opinion means nothing, it’s just pretty annoying that i supply a platform for an idiot like you to express an opinion that is completely whack. I’m guessing your wee band can’t get a gig because you’re too busy being shit at life.

    Johnny, Kapser Rosa are not shite, you just don’t like them. Massive difference.

    Can people please think about their comments before writing. I’m fed up reading nonsense.

    Thanks now. <3

  • Connor

    Haha Jesus I was drunk as fuck last night. Yeah, don’t really care for a rebuttal, said what I wanted to so whatever, peace.

  • Hyland

    “Hmmm.. well why don

  • ka??s

    I think you are forgetting that you have posted this as a Review. You have given the EP a 9/10 rating and I don’t think you have gave any reasoning behind your marks. Constantly saying words like ‘epic’ simply do not justify this. However, I am really looking forward to hearing the CD as I’m sure it’ll be right up my street.

    It would be better to see a review that actually talks about the tracks, things you love and possibly criticism (if any). From what is posted above I don’t really have an understanding of how any of it sounds. If I hadn’t of heard the band previously there is nothing said above that would make me want to check them out as you haven’t really sold them to me which is a pity.

    Richard, you aren’t exactly putting yourself in a good light. Anyone could start a zine based website on WordPress with very little effort. If you can’t accept criticism over things you post then maybe you shouldn’t post them in the first place. ‘Administrators’ calling people spastics. Hmmm. Not exactly a site I’d like to frequent.

  • Richard

    Dry your eyes.

  • Lemon

    This is a review by Richard C, it is not being presented as gospel. Music is one of the most subjective things in the world and it is, at the end of the day, one persons opinion. Reviews always will be. Arguments about how well it is or isn’t written aside, if you don’t agree with what he says about the music, then that’s fine. Having different opinions about music is what makes for a healthy music scene.

    Agree or disagree, but there is no reason why this should have become so heated.

    Have some perspective.

  • niall

    we should start a review of review’s club, that way ye no, we wouldn’t waste time at all.

  • http://www.pavelware.com Matthew Alexander Patton


    Fuck knows why but I’m going to say all of this with kindness in my heart and a skip in my step amigo.

    Richard chief…

    …jesus wept at how you’ve conducted yourself here. I mean that as a friend and as someone who enjoys reading opposing thoughts on topics like music and if I’m honest generally having a bit of banter with people. I love a bit of the oul’ arguing.

    There is literally zero need to be belting off at people like what you have done at Conor and Michael. It does you no good, and makes you look quite foolish in light of the fact that this is your own website.

    This platform is what you’re putting across to the rest of the world, and to be honest whilst I speak hypocritically as I’ve done the same in the past, you should really know better.

    What’s the saying, if your opponent throws eggs, stand your ground.

    Don’t just fling them back amigo.

    A discussion, even a heated one is based around half decently constructed points and counter points; but if you’re just name calling and saying that your opinion is better simply because you’re high horsing about having this platform to spout from then what are you really doing?

    Keep your head when all those around you are losing their own!


  • ka??s

    Wise words there, Matthew.

  • http://www.myspace.com/deadlights08 SteVo (Deadlights)

    I’d have given their last EP a 9/10. Shit was tight! And the fact that I got it for free with 2 lollies and a party popper made it all the better.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, calm it down children. I was on richards side until i read that rant where he might as well have screamed “goodbye journalistic integrity” over and over again

  • Richard

    To be honest, i am a bit of a dick. Doesn’t excuse anyone else though.

  • Greg

    This was the most useless review I’ve ever seen. Heard about this site from a few mates who were making fun of Crothers, and this article speaks volumes about not only his poor grammar and incoherent punctuation, but just absolutely ridiculous tastes in music. Useless waste of server space.

  • http://harmlessnoise.wordpress.com Nay

    I gave my friends’ band a 9/10 review last week and I have the same mark in mind for the album I’m listening to now. I don’t think there’s an issue with writing about the music of people you know but I agree with what’s been said along the lines of, if you’re going to rank so highly you bear a responsibility to embellish on your reasons.

    Rik, I advise not reacting to negative comments too hastily. However it has to be said that the immediate tone of your commenters was very harsh. Guys if you have such high standards of reviewing, express them a little more constructively? You may get further by pointing out what you found lacking and how Panic Dots can try to improve. Just calling something crap and a waste of space is spiteful and unhelpful.

    Also I have to chip in that I saw Kasper Rosa play in Dublin over Easter and they were great, heavy in the right places, lively and free of the solemnity that usually accompanies a lot of instrumental music. Look forward to checking out the EP.

  • a face for radio

    let’s all love each other :)

  • http://www.rikfail.com JJ Johnston

    Rik Crotchet aka look at me and my shiney manhood compensating website!

    Mr R.Marmite Crotchet could not produce a decent review even if he had a panel of Jewish writers

    “epic toooons!” FAIL!

    “this shit is cooked and ready for serving” MASTER CHEF FAIL!

    “just put the EP in EPIC” FAIL

    “however it is still really sexhot” POINT MADE

  • http://twitter.com/theshawe David Shawe

    The new EP is Epic.