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10 Reasons Why Louis C.K Is Awesome

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Oh Louis..











  • Austin Chernencoff

    Why don’t you go see Jesus. He’s in the bottom of the grand canyon.

  • Austin Chernencoff

    Would explain his love of whores.

  • Austin Chernencoff

    That is fiction from his show “Louie”. It’s just an opinion and I think it is concise not despicable. Why is it despicable to be human? Why do we think because we have baseball caps and machine guns that we are any better than an animal.

  • Austin Chernencoff

    So wait you steal the guys joke and mock him in the same sentence? Creative.

  • Austin Chernencoff

    What are you? A computer?

  • jalbright1

    This man is not funny. He just points out what he sees as stupid. The things he said about God are incredibly offensive, but I guess that is what morons find funny. If he had said it about allah, they would have cut his head off by now.

  • Simplysavy

    Oh stop being so butt hurt. If you find it offensive who gives a fuck besides you? That’s right no one. He is hilarious, you just obviously don’t have a good since of humor :)

  • Andrew

    I feel sorry for you…

  • Andrew

    There is no proof that he existed, he could be just a popular character from stories people told at the time

  • critical1234

    God? The Magic Fairy?

  • heather

    Love Love Love!!!

  • heather

    God wants to judge me for not having “faith” that he exists, and condemn me to hell? Oh, I’m scared. He gave me awesome body parts, but doesn’t want me to touch them? That’s your God if you want him. The God I choose isn’t mired down by such bunk.

  • Michael Kester

    One of my fav comedian! love it :)

  • XincontriAdulti.It

    Great idea for a post.Thank you!

  • Lucy Wainwright

    Another funny misogynist. Just what the world needs.

  • Tryagain

    Its funny because Carlos Mancia steals jokes as well, so no wonder you like him.

  • erfer

    Another bitchy feminist who can’t take a joke. Just what the world needs.

  • ShieldsCW


  • ShieldsCW

    Quit being a faggot and suck that dick!


    Great stuff!

  • Corey Hammond

    I love louis and these are great…Ive never heard the one about %80 of minorities in ny but like it confused him now he’s confusing me…there are a wide pallet of minorities, not just ‘white’ and ‘minorities’…like for example, there can be %80 minorities but the largest % of ethnicity within those minorities could be %15…so the other %20 could still be the majority…idk just thinking out loud, or on keyboard i guess…

    regardless I love you louis, never stop doing what youre doing

  • Corey Hammond

    this person is correct

  • Corey Hammond

    I just masturbated while I was reading….well kinda reading

    and you didnt offend anyone, people stopped reading after the first line…the truth may set you free but you dont know it anymore than me…and to proclaim that you do is arrogant…or wait, did you already call someone arrogant?

  • Robot_Chubby

    Louis is a feckin genius. Parks & Rec is great as well and I hear he’s coming back to that.

  • Emily

    Woooo hoooooo!
    You’ve managed to belittle not only the LGBT community, but women as well! THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE YOU ARE SO FUNNY AND BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE!! What a true inspiration thank you!!!

  • Vickie Walz

    Oh God, someone please tell me where I can see this guy live?? :D

  • ShieldsCW

    It’s a line from Louis C.K.’s comedy routine. Nice try, dumbass.

  • ShieldsCW

    God damn, you’re ugly.

  • Emily

    So it’s not even original material?? Aw man… I thought I had found a legend among us!!


  • ShieldsCW


  • zou

    another funny clown who don’t know when to stop. the more the likes he gets, the more disrespectful he become. i don’t like bigot christians but the last thing he said is despicable.

  • Jack Kolinski

    Thank you for this. Truly AWESOME!

  • tecno_byte

    How great is this guy? Excellent!

  • johnjacobjingleheimer

    Him telling the girl he’s going to “masturbate to her” is pretty Satanic. No one is really good. Everyone, especially Loius C.K. needs Jesus.

  • YouDontWantNoProblems

    I love him!

  • p


  • are you kidding


  • Elliot

    Why does the first one say free for $5…?

  • Aaron Blondespikes

    i flagged the two shit heads that left the hate filled comments . however i love how Louis C.K just tells it like it is . he giving us his opinion Thur his adult life experience. his show may just be loosely base on this but either way he is real and i love to see someone that can justs slam something i hold dear in some cases and still make me laugh my ass off if you haven’t seen his work and understand his motivations for how he feels than you should withhold your judgment till you have the information to form a real opinion about him you may enjoy your self.





  • Katherine Moore

    To be honest, I hold women’s issues in high regard. Louis C.K. though, if you saw his standup… yes, he’s offensive and comes off as a misogynist in SOME cases, but he is so visible in his comedy. His heart and his soul is bare. He’s a tortured man and I really believe he has a good heart and no ill will toward women or anyone else. You should give him a chance, some of his comedy may make you squeamish if you haven’t the stomach but he is truly hilarious and very honest and well, pretty much 100% correct on everything he talks about. :)

  • SNAmien

    Sounds like a moron to me.