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Bear Love = Good. Cancer = Bad

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Read the full story about this, please go here.

I’m going to sum it up in a few sentences but I urge you to read the full story. Last year Matthew Inman, creator of Oatmeal Comics wrote a blog post directed at about his comics being stolen, re-hosted and monetized on FJ. FunnyJunk responded by taking some of his comics off and that was that. Until now. A few days ago The Oatmeal recieved letters informing him that FJ will file a federal law suit unless Oatmeal paid $20,000 in damages.

Of course, being the internet hero that he is, The Oatmeal has created a campaign to counteract this unbelieveably greedy, douchey, money grabbing quest. It’s called Operation BEARLOVE GOOD. CANCER BAD. And earlier this evening he planned to raise $20,000 in 15 days to donate the money to The National Wildlife Federation and The American Cancer Society. Just over an hour ago Inman reached his $20,000 target. Just after midnight (GMT) he reached twice that ($40,000). Amazing. The internet isn’t all bad after all :]

So support sexy bear love and stomp out shitty cancer by donating here.