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Lisburn: The City For Life… and Death

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This is the state of Lisburn City. If i was in charge of Lisburn and it ended up like this I’d expect to be sacked. Who is responsible for ruining Lisburn? And Lisburn isn’t the only place. Has anyone seen the state of Portrush? HOW DO THESE PEOPLE STILL HAVE JOBS?
Post inspired by and all photos are completely stolen from Johnny Bow off of Facebook.

Lisburn: The City For Life – Our Time Our Place – AKA Retail Graveyard.

Who believes that crap?

Forget Backin’ Belfast. Back your own town or city because it needs it.

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  • Rab Wright

    I left lisburn about 20 years ago saying it was a dump!! how true are my words now ?

  • Emmett
  • TAL

    Nobody gives a fuck, it’s a shit hole, like most of this statelet.

  • Jason

    All the while rates are going up. Good work government, good work.

  • nicole

    oh dear didnt realise it had gotten this bad